We give good energy


Electrical Installations

  • Construction, assembly and modernization of the electric and power grid together with full infrastructure
  • Internal, external and emergency lighting installations
  • Alarm installations, CCTV


  • High, medium and low voltage cable and overhead power lines
  • Construction of pole and container transformer stations
  • Outdoor lighting of roads and squares

Rental of transformer stations

  • Delivery and installation at the indicated place
  • Comprehensive service in the field of maintenance, inspections
  • Design and measurements

Controlled drilling / bentonite export

  • Controlled drillings (trenchless crossings under terrain obstacles up to the length of 300 m and the diameter of φ 600
  • Export of bentonite along with the excavated material from the drilling chambers
  • Jacking Mole

Cranes (RTG, RMG)

  • We are a partner of one of the world's largest producers of port lifting devices
  • We assemble large steel constructions of port cranes (RTG, RMG)

Green energy

  • We carry out energy works in the construction of wind farms and photovoltaic farms, we build energy storage.
  • At the client's request, we also implement comprehensive turnkey projects for the construction of renewable energy farms.

About us

Przedsiębiorstwo Usługowo Handlowe "El Professional" Mariusz Maszota has been on the market since 1997.

Our main activities are electrical and wiring works, power, telecommunications and industrial construction.

We design and manufacture electrical installations, medium and low voltage overhead and cable networks, outdoor lighting, transformer stations (also rental), power switchboards, overhead fiber optic cable lines and other power facilities.

We make horizontal steered drillings (trenchless passages under terrain obstacles). We carry out directional drilling up to a length of 300 meters and a maximum diameter of Φ600.

We are a partner of one of the world's largest producers of port lifting devices.
We assemble large-size steel constructions of port cranes (RTG, RMG). Our activity includes electrical and mechanical works. Complete, ready-made crane equipment works in ports around the world.

The offer is complemented by underground jacking (mole), concrete cutting with diamond technique, drilling in ceilings and walls.

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